Ear Candling (Ear Coning)

Cone that made by muslin drip in Bee wax (grade A) with Herb, Essential oil shape like a cone long up to 14” and burn the wide end, small end into ear canal that withdraw smoke into ear and soft a wax from inside canal ear including Toxic Fluid, Pus, Infection, Blockage

People who need Ear Treatment that has condition of Ear Infection, Ear swim, Ringing, excess wax, Sinus, Cold-Flu, Allergies, Mucus problem, Pressure, Equilibrium stable

Reiki , Energies Work
Reiki is spiritual healing that can restore balance to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. The energy of Reiki flows through the body by gently place hand on part of body that need treatment, feel sensation, relief pain and stress, Improving the sleep
more energetic ...painless  
Option: including Card Reader addin
Firm Facial & Cleansing 

 Normal cleaning face that you think is clean !!!

This is face massage that unique, help face is firming , softer skin of facial by training of Thai massage style , that use a herbal essential oil none chemical 

Cleaning and Massage with in style in of V shape 

Natural product, use products of coconut oil and rice oil ingredient, neutralize, and firming skin    

Hot Stone Reiki

Theraputic combine warm stone pass the heat sensation, in the same time receiving Reiki energies 

Wonderful way to release tension of work stress & emotion, pain or bruises. Immediately clearing rightaway  



Retreat Consultation: 1 hours of $60.00 for 4 visit - $220.00

  • Analysis energies Recommendations as appropriate

  • Plan for course of retreat

Single retreat Ear Cone or Facial Massage  1 hour - $60.00

Single Hot Stone Reiki 1 Hour- $75.00

Gift Package

Initial Package for 5 hour - $260.00

  • 3 hrs. Hot Stone Reiki

  • 1 hr. Ear cone

  • Facial Massage cellular ( Free)

Initial Package for 3 hrs. package - $180.00

  • 1 hr. Hot Stone Reiki

  • 1 hr. Earcone

  • 1 hr. Reiki Intuition



I had been to clinic for ear wax remove by use water flush in canal ear to soft it, but water in ear did not drain out all of them

so Earcone has help me to hear it again !!

--Elizabeth F. 

I had bruises black and purple on my hand, after the wood panel fall on hit to my hand , pain is killing me

Reiki practitioner help me see color of my hand to light pink in 30 mins.

--Cyril D. 

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